Ladybug Picture Book Award Long List

Prior to last year, a committee of librarians from schools and libraries throughout the state gathered together to wade through piles of picture books and select the nominees for the Ladybug Picture Book Award. Last year, because of Covid-19 concerns, we did not gather a committee, but asked all New Hampshire librarians who are interested in doing so to weigh in on the "long list" and help us select our 10 nominees. This worked well, and Covid is still a concern, so we are following the same plan this year.

During January we collected potential nominations from NH librarians for the 2022 Ladybug Picture Book Award and now we are ready to gather votes from NH's librarians on which of the 89 titles suggested belong on the final list of nominees for this year's award. If you work in a public or school library in NH you are invited to vote on the nominees.

Before you vote you will want to review the long list of suggested titles and decide on your selections. You can vote for up to 5 titles from the long list.

Each afternoon for the next 19 days we will be posting groups of the long list nominees for your consideration. These are sets of books grouped by topic to help you consider all the books in more manageable batches. The topics are, in many cases, only one aspect of what the book is "about" and many books could have gone into multiple topics, but we wanted to provide "bite-sized pieces" of the rather long long list and these topics let us group the titles so that no post has more than 8 books in it.

PLEASE NOTE that you can only vote once from your device (phone, computer, whatever you use to browse the web) so don't go to the survey to see your choices, do that from the long list, as you will not be able to go back again to vote.

Once you have reviewed the options and made your choices you will cast your vote online

You may vote between now and March 27, 2022.

We expect to announce the nominees here on the blog at the end of March. 


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