If I Forget Thee Lowcountry

William James. If I Forget Thee Lowcountry, Self-published, 2021. 

Resident of Manchester. 

Purchase info: http://williamjamespoetry.com

Synopsis:  A seemingly forgotten moment in history, lost to time & left only as the fragmented memories of those who lived it. A flash flood washes through a small town trailer park, permanently altering the lives of those who lived there. In “If I Forget Thee, Lowcountry,” poet & flood survivor William James dredges up memories & flashbacks, buried by a quarter-century of time, to share with the reader not only the destructive force & waves of panic brought on by the rush of water, but to celebrate the place of community & belonging that was first lost, then reclaimed.

This post is part of NH Loves Poetry, a 2022 project of the Center for the Book at the NHSL.

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