Book of the Week (12/27/2021)

Pithecophilia: One Man's Quest for Ape Encounters Around the World by Robert Louis DeMayo (U.S.: Wayward Publishing, 2021)

Hollis, NH author and explorer Robert Louis DeMayo traces his quest to discover and understand the world's primates in 'Pithecophilia'.

"From the steep slopes of the Virunga Volcanoes to the steamy jungles of Sumatra, Pithecophilia explores author, Robert Louis DeMayo’s life-changing search for ape encounters, as he discovers the secrets of their history, biology, and what they can tell us about ourselves.

Touching on the efforts of the world’s leading conservationists and scientific institutions, you’ll also discover how the early exploration of Africa and Asia’s untamed wilderness shaped our knowledge of apes and how their efforts to document our planet’s wild animals eventually led to efforts to save them.

Imbued with touching memories, humorous anecdotes, and over fifty years of wondrous, magical, and sometimes terrifying experiences, Pithecophilia paints a beautiful picture of how primates are, in many ways, windows into our own souls." --Publisher's blurb

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