Book of the Week (3/11/2019)

Glorious Mountain Days: The 1902 Hike That Helped Save the White Mountains by Allison W. Bell and Maida Goodwin (Littleton, NH: Bondcliff Books, 2018).

This book caught my eye with its lavish illustrations and letters that supplement the tale of an adventurous 1902 hike by two women in the White Mountains.
This profusely illustrated volume brings together the letters and photographs by Hattie Freeman and Emma Cummings made during a week-long tramp across New Hampshire's Presidential Range in July 1902. Their remarkable words and images describe mountain birds, alpine flowers, rugged trails, and camp life enjoyed by the two women and their companions. Inspired by their "glorious" experience, the two women went on to help preserve the White Mountains for future generations through their activism. -- Publisher's blurb

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