Book of the Week #27

In Residence: Contemporary Artists at Dartmouth. Edited by Michael R. Taylor and Gerald Auten (Hanover, NH: Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College; distributed by University Press of New England, 2014).

This is the last week to view the exhibit In Residence: Contemporary Artists at Dartmouth. If you can't get to Hanover before July 6, 2014 to see it, this catalog will give you a feel for the work displayed.
"The tradition of inviting practicing artists to Dartmough College--to make works of art, to interact with students, faculty,and the local community, and to exhibit their work on campus--is a long-standing one. The artist-in-residence program at Dartmouth was established in 1931 when Churchill P. "Jerry" Lathrop received permission from President Ernest Hopkins to use a discretionary tutorial fund, generously provided by Mr. And Mrs. John D. Rockefeller Jr., to bring the Guatemalan painter Carlos Sanchez back to campus for a year-long fellowship. ... Since that time, 166 artists from all over the world have shared their vision with the Dartmouth community, and their presence has undoubtedly enhanced the vitality of the arts on campus. As the program enters its eighty-third year in 2014, it has never been more dedicated to its efforts to bring extraordinary artists from around the world to Dartmouth's campus." --excerpted from pages 1-10

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