Book of the Week #27

The Portsmouth Alarm: December 1774 by Terri A. DeMitchell (Mahomet, IL: Mayhaven Publishing, 2013)

This young adult novel is based on an actual event in December 1774. Four months before the bloodshed at Lexington and Concord Paul Revere delivered a message to Portsmouth, NH warning of General Gage's shocking plan for the Piscataqua Region. His warning sparked hundreds from NH and what is now Maine to take action. DeMitchell's story centers on three teenage friends in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, who are drawn into these events on the eve of the American Revolution. Each of them is forced to make choices about personal and family loyalties, choices that will affect the rest of their lives.

Kirkus Review praised this book as "A worthwhile read that personalizes the conflicts that led to the American Revolution."

Terri DeMitchell is a former elementary school teacher, college lecturer, and lawyer who lives in New Hampshire with her husband. In addition to writing mysteries and historical fiction for young readers, she regularly publishes papers on legal issues affecting the teaching profession.

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Joe Onosko said...

Although the three main characters are fictional teenagers (struggling to decide if they'll participate in confiscating munitions from Fort William & Mary), the author, Terri DeMitchell, painstakingly works to capture the circumstances, perspectives, and main characters associated with this December, 1774 event. Upper elementary and middle school language arts and social studies teachers will be pleased with the narrative and rich history.