Book of the Week #37

Live Free or Die: A Conservative Former Governor Speaks Out on Our Vanishing Freedoms by Meldrim Thomson, Jr. (Orford, NH: Equity Publishing Corporation, 1979)

Since today is primary day in New Hampshire I thought that as we go to the polls to make our choice for a gubernatorial candidate a look back at one of our state's past governors was in order. In reviewing the options, Thomson stands out as one of the most colorful (and conservative!).

Meldrim Thomson served three terms as New Hampshire's governor in the 1970s and upon leaving office published this volume (Equity Publishing was his family's business).

"This book is one man's expression of an abiding faith in freedom as the happiest condition of man. It consists of a melding of articles and speeches given by the author before, during, and immediately after his six years of service as the 91st Governor of New Hampshire.
While it is a testament to one man's strong conservative principles and his belief in the need to preserve the ancient landmarks of America's heritage, it portrays many of the confrontations he had and stands he took in defending and advancing the cause of freedom. ...
The subject matter touches such diverse items as family life in New Hampshire; the loss of state sovereignty; our tragic energy debacle; human rights; gun control; God and the Constitution; the outstanding economy of New Hampshire based on its low taxes; and the vanishing greatness of a once strong and powerful nation." --Preface

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