Ladybug Nominee Profile

This charming, rhyming tale of how one little repair can get completely out of control was written by Linda Ashman and illustrated by Michael Chesworth. It was published by Sterling Children's Books.

Ms. Ashman explains that the inspiration for this book included her son's 'Bob the Builder' phase and "Then there was the move from our 1921 English Tudor in Los Angeles to a slightly older Craftsman Bungalow in Denver. This coincided with Jack's decision to leave his law firm and restore old homes--beginning with ours. The tools multiplied in the basement. The magazines--This Old House, American Bungalow, Old House Journal--piled up on the kitchen counter. The sound of hammers, sanders and electric saws filled my ears. The scent of sawdust, paint and wood-stripper filled my nose."
"Each line adds a layer of rich storytelling. Several passages describe the objects of the shed, hardware store and Dorothy's Door Emporium (doors ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime). Chesworth's vibrant and detailed illustrations, including a double-page cross-section of the house, invite lingering and revisiting. This ramshackle mess of an abode has real character and happily contains its frolicking family." KIRKUS

This is one of the ten titles nominated for the 2010 Ladybug Picture Book Award.

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