Ladybug Picture Book Award 2010

Beginning this week -- ten weeks before November -- I will be profiling each of the ten picture books nominated for the 2010 Ladybug Picture Book Award. The profiles will be done in alphabetical order by title.

Voting for the Ladybug Picture Book Award takes place at schools, libraries, day care centers, and homes throughout New Hampshire during November. If you want to be a Ladybug polling place here's what you need to do:
  1. Get copies of the ten nominated books (from your bookseller, from your library, borrow them from a friend, whatever works for you).
  2. Find some kids who are in the third grade or younger and read the books to them, or with them.
  3. In November 2010 have the kids you read the books to/with vote for their favorite. If you want to use the Ladybug Picture Ballot that's great, but you can do the voting however it works best for your group of kids. (Attention parents - one kid is a valid group for voting.) You can also order stickers to give to the kids who have voted, but that is not required. (They are really cute stickers though!)
  4. Total all the votes cast at your site using the Ladybug Tally Sheet -- this is not optional, you need to use this form or counting the votes becomes impossible -- and send your tally sheet to us so we RECEIVE it before 5pm on December 1, 2010 .
  5. Visit this blog to find out which book is the winner. Results will be posted as quickly as possible, and definitely before Christmas.

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