Book of the Week (7/24/2017)

Mount Washington: Narratives and Perspectives edited by Mike Dickerman (Mt. Pleasant, S.C. : History Press, 2017).

Longtime northern New Hampshire resident and author Mike Dickerman previously wrote for the Littleton Courier newspaper, then in 1996 started his own publishing company, Bondcliff Books in Littleton, NH. He writes, publishes and distributes books related to New Hampshire's North Country, White Mountains and New England.
For two centuries, Mount Washington has been the object of countless writers' wonder and fascination. In this volume, more than twenty previously written pieces inspired by New England's highest peak have been carefully selected, and collectively these cover nearly every aspect of the mountain's storied past. Tag along on early explorations of the White Mountains and its fabled Presidential Range. Follow the history of the nation's first mountain-climbing train and witness many of Mount Washington's tales of human tragedies. --Publisher's blurb.
 Join Mike at Gibson's Bookstore in Concord, NH on Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 5:30pm!


Ladybug Nominee Profile

Steve Breen is a Pulitzer-prize winning editorial cartoonist and children's book author. Woodpecker Wants a Waffle is the story of Benny, a woodpecker who doesn't have time for '"said so' nonsense" in his quest to eat delicious-smelling waffles. He is a bird with a plan. This is Mr. Breen's first Ladybug nomination.

This is one of the ten titles nominated for the 2017 Ladybug Picture Book Award.


Book of the Week (7/17/2017)

Roots of Grass: What I Heard America Singing While Knocking on 2,000 Doors by Jeanne Dietsch (Charleston, S.C. : CreateSpace, 2017).

Peterborough, NH native Jeanne Dietsch recounts her experiences of running a grassroots campaign for the District 9 NH senate seat in 2016 in her book "Roots of Grass". Jeanne nearly won the primary as a newcomer against a well-known, three-time candidate. Jeanne is a mom and tech entrepreneur. She has led the Peterborough, NH zoning board, served on the Conval school board and led local economic development efforts.
"Roots of Grass" takes a Whitman-esque look at America through the lens of a grassroots campaigner for State Senate in New Hampshire. From the pain of opioid addiction and mental illness to the delight of meeting kindred spirits at an unexpected bend in the road, "Roots of Grass" hears America singing, over a century and a half later. --Amazon.com

In her book she emphasizes the difference between a casual meeting with someone and the political act of knocking on a door and catching them in their own milieu, their comfort zone. Some are eager to share their views and concerns, others may be reluctant, impatient, even angry. Whether you are considering becoming a candidate or curious about what it’s like Jeanne has thoughts to share. --Toadstool Bookshop webpage
 Join Jeanne at the Peterborough Toadstool Bookshop on Saturday, July 22, 2017 at 11:00am where she will be discussing "Roots of Grass".


Ladybug Nominee Profile

A Hat for Mrs. Goldman was written by Michelle Edwards and illustrated by G. Brian Karas.
Sophia is worried about Mrs. Goldman, her elderly friend and neighbor, being out in the cold without a hat. Mrs. Goldman has made hats for everyone but herself. Sophia takes up the challenge, even though "knitting is hard. and it takes too long" and she would rather make pom-poms. This charming book ends with directions for the hat (and pom-poms) from the author, who is also the author of A Knitters Home Companion
The work of G. Brian Karas has been nominated for Ladybug Picture Book awards in 2012 (for Neville) and in 2015 (for As an Oak Tree Grows). This is Ms. Edwards' first nomination.

This is one of the ten titles nominated for the 2017 Ladybug Picture Book Award.


Ladybug Voting Materials Available

The picture ballot and the online tally are now available for the 2017 Ladybug Picture Book Award. There is also a paper tally sheet available if you cannot submit your voting totals using the online form.
Votes must be received either in the online form or at the NH State Library by 4:30pm, Friday, December 8, 2017 to be counted.