Hurray for library workers!

Tuesday was National Library Workers' Day. Today (April 16th) is National Librarian's Day. Everyone who works in a library makes an important contribution to creating a positive and productive environment for library patrons. Has someone at the library made a difference in your life? Please celebrate National Library Week by taking a moment to thank the people who work at your library. In the interest of practicing what I preach here are a few of the many librarians who have made a difference in my life:
  • Carol Fox and Valerie Sussman who were my school librarians in elementary and middle school.
  • Arthur Tannenbaum, Librarian for Social Work, New York University Bobst Library who encouraged me to become a librarian.
  • Judith Krug, who was an inspiration.
  • The staff of the Manchester City Library and the staff of the NHSL, all of whom help me to answer weird questions and keep providing me with books to read (and movies to watch, and music to listen to, and ...)
Thank you!

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