Reader's Resources

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There are a LOT of blogs, websites, podcasts, etc. about books. Some of them are very comprehensive and speak with authority about the book world. Some of them are one reader's thoughts about books (not that that can't make for a great blog). Some of them are a little bit of both.

In writing book-of-the-week posts I often come across these sites--the good, the bad, and the bizarre--and I have decided to start posting information about some of them as part of Book Notes. Reader's Resources (RR) will not be a regular feature (I learned my lesson with book-of-the-week). It will be occasional reviews of book-related internet sites that I find useful, or interesting, or just too quirky not to share.  I have added a blog-roll to this site to which I will add the blogs as I write about them.

If you have a book site you love, send me an email about it and it might turn up in a future Reader's Resources post.

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