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Noodle and the No Bones Day by Jonathan Graziano and Dan Tavis (Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2022)

Noodle is a sweet, silly old pug who enjoys doing all his favorite activities with his favorite human, Jonathan. But one day when Jonathan goes to take Noodle on his morning walk, he finds Noodle still comfortable in bed. When Jonathan lifts Noodle up, Noodle just flops over. It’s almost like Noodle woke up without any bones!

Noodle isn’t sick or sad—but he also isn’t interested in going for walks or sitting outside (he will accept snacks, though). Today, all he needs are extra snuggles and belly rubs. Jonathan soon learns that not every day can be a Bones Day, and sometimes a No Bones Day is exactly what you need to get through the week.

About Jonathan Graziano

Jonathan Graziano is a Rochester, NY native who currently resides in New York City. His eternal muse, Noodle, continues to inspire him each and every day. It is Jonathan’s hope that through this story he can continue Noodle’s legacy of spreading joy and kindness and encourage others to adopt and/or rescue a senior pet next time they're looking to add a new member to their family. You can find Jonathan on TikTok at @JonGraz. (He doesn't have a website).

About Dan Tavis

Dan Tavis is an illustrator living in New Hampshire. He has been doodling ever since his first math class in elementary school!  His website is DanTavis.com

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