Book of the Week (11/28/2022)

Monadnock Originals: Colorful Characters from New Hampshire’s Quiet Corner by Alan F. Rumrill (History Press, 2023)

The Monadnock Region has been referred to as New Hampshire's "forgotten corner." It is a quiet region known for its historic New England villages and beautiful natural landscape. Overlooked tales from the past prove that this has not always been a quiet place, however.

Mark Twain, Amelia Earhart, robber baron Jubilee Jim Fisk, infamous actress May Yohe, and miser Hetty Green, the richest woman in the United States, all spent time in the quiet corner. Noteworthy inventors, outspoken women, military heroes, nationally prominent businessmen, and dastardly criminals all called the region home.

Local historian and author Alan F. Rumrill has compiled stories that reveal a region defined by its Yankee character - and filled with Yankee characters.-- Publisher's blurb

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