Book of the Week (8/1/2022)

The Girl, the Pig, and the Accidental Demon by Amos J. Landon (Balboa Press, 2022)

NH author Amos J. Landon's debut children's novel is a quirky, funny and endearing story.

"In the tradition of Coraline and A Series of Unfortunate Events comes the peculiar and humorous story of Juju Jones and the Agency for the Welfare of the Formerly Living. Thirteen-year-old Juniper "Juju" Jones was used to being abandoned, but not prepared to be orphaned. To cope, she does the most logical thing-gets a job. Her new boss, a sentient pig in a jar named Mr. Squigglesworth, is the first person to value her eccentricities, so she dedicates herself to his Agency for the Welfare of the Formerly Living (A.W.F.L), aiding the most outcast of outcasts-taxidermied baby ducks and preserved livers. Threatening their good work is Leland Verbrecher, a former science teacher with a vendetta against Mr. Squigglesworth. But unexpected help comes when Juju accidentally summons a caterwauling demon with a knack for finding outrageous and kind allies willing to step in when they see Juju in danger. When tragedy strikes, Juju faces her worst fear: She must ask for help and trust her newfound friends in a bizarre rescue plan-before it is too late." --Publisher's blurb

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