Book of the Week (1/10/2022)

Saving Penny by Sam Osherson (New York: Adelaide Books, 2021)

"Jake knew he’d seen a creature in the woods but what was it? He’d driven it away with rocks, then bolted back to campus, breathing hard.

Meanwhile, the large bobcat mother hurried her two small kits deeper into the sprawling forest, away from the two legged predator who’d thrown a rock at them. In search of safe territory to raise her young, the bobcat has taken up residence in the Great Woods, where the nearby faculty pets offer easy prey, food for herself and her two kits.

In time, two struggling 11th graders at Great Meadows Prep – Jake, grieving the tragic death of his mother, and Chantal, a beautiful bicultural girl questioning her heritage – will rally several classmates (with the help of their very pregnant English teacher) in a risky plan to save the hunted wild bobcat, and find themselves-and love- in the process.

Saving Penny is both a coming-of-age story and a dawning-of-awareness tale for us all about the importance of wild nature in our lives." --Publisher's blurb

Join NH author Sam Osherson via Zoom where he presents his newest book, "Saving Penny"! This event is hosted by Toadstool Bookshops. Click here for more details.

Event date: 
Saturday, January 15, 2022 at 3:45pm

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