Book of the Week (4/15/2019)

Swan: The Story of a Very Special Person and Her Mom by Wendy Gilker (Charleston, S.C. : CreateSpace, 2016).

New London, NH author Wendy Gilker tells the beautiful story of her daughter, Bree in her book, "Swan". Bree was born with the rare disorder, Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome (Deletion 4P). The diagnosis she received from doctors when Bree was born was that Bree would be lucky to live 5 years, never be able to move or recognize anyone and that seizures/epilepsy would take over her life even with medications. Wendy details the happy and full life that Bree and herself experienced together, driven by love and persistence.
"In this book you will find the true story of how a person’s life can change overnight, in hours or an instant. It is about how a young mother struggles to adapt to and understand how to deal with the challenges of a lifestyle she knows nothing about. In appearance, this new life looks like the worst case scenario for any parent, yet it is really a story about how one goes from a life of fear and panic to one centered on love and eventually peace. In the story of the “Ugly Duckling”, the duck was always the beautiful Swan to be, it just had to be with people who were able to see, recognize and appreciate the Swan potential. The little “Ugly Duckling” of this story, takes her mother on an incredible spiritual journey. Bree is a teacher of Swan."-- Back cover

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