Book of the Week (10/22/2018)

Everyday Ease by Shanti Douglas (BE Peace Publishing, LLC, 2018).

NH Author and certified mindfulness coach, Shanti Douglas, has published an "experiential Easebook" to "calm your chaotic life and bring back balance to your burnout"!
With Everyday Ease, you’ll learn how to find balance, ease, and resiliency without adding big changes to your day. You've already got enough on your plate! Everyday Ease will create dramatic shifts in your energy and level of presence so you can show up fresh, clear, and truly in charge. The practical and integrative practices of this six week experiential Easebook give you a manageable structure to follow, offering insights to calm your chaotic life and bring balance to your burnout. With mindfulness at the helm, exploring simple acts of self-care and love will have you feeling fantastic again. All in all, you’ll feel inspired, energized, authentic, grounded, and empowered, ready to take on what you need to take on… and in a way that doesn’t leave the fabulous YOU behind. -- Author's website
 Bonus: Guided meditations by the author are provided on her website.

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