Book of the Week (1/15/2018)

The Oracle Files: Escape by Masheri Chappelle (Black Rose Writing, 2017).
Cursed by her mother at age six, Elizabeth Beeson Chase is forced to battle Malachai, an angry West African ghost, as she emerges from slave to Quaker, to "Blue Vein" Socialite, in the harsh Black and White world of 1850 New York. With the help of her Quaker father and her spirit guide, she creates a shelter of love wherever she goes. However, the raging storm of racism, the looming threat of slavery, and Malachai's relentless hauntings pelt her life with indomitable fear. After a painful betrayal sends her running into New York's dangerous FIVE POINTS, she emerges with a gypsy's secret to battle racism and a way to free herself from Malachai's ghostly grip. But her new found freedom comes at a cost she may not be able to afford. -- Publisher's blurb.
NH Author Masheri Chappelle will be presenting her fantastical historical fiction novel at Gibson's Bookstore on Thursday, February 1st, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

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