Book of the Week (12/18/2017)

Hoot and Peep A Song for Snow by Lita Judge (Dial Books for Young Readers, 2017).

As I write this, New Hampshire had it's first snow storm of the season recently, much to the delight of my 3 year old son (although not so much to my delight). I have to admit that his excitement for the "first snow" was infectious, so it was perfect timing that I discovered a book on this very topic - Hoot and Peep A Song for Snow by NH author and illustrator Lita Judge. You can also find coloring pages featuring Hoot and Peep for your little ones at the author's website!
It’s Peep’s first winter, and it’s going to snow very, very soon. Peep has so many questions for her older brother Hoot: Does snow drop, polppety splop, like the rain's song? Does it scrinkle scrattle like falling leaves? But Hoot can't remember snow very well. The one thing he knows for sure is that it is worth waiting for.

But Peep doesn't have his patience, and as she flies around the gorgeous Paris skies, she tries her best to make up her own snow song. But once those first snowflakes start to fall, Peep realizes just how wise her older brother really is for waiting...and just who she wants to cuddle up to when the snow starts to really sing.

With all the wonder and the joy of a first snow day, and perfect for fans of The Quiet Book and Little Owl's Night, this tender follow-up to Hoot and Peep is certainly worth waiting for, too. -- Publisher's blurb.

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