Ladybug Nominee Profile

Albert had an amazing time on his trip to Maine, but everyone sees "amazing" a bit differently. This fun picture book from New Hampshire's own Marty Kelley was a nominee for the 12th NH Literary Awards and was chosen as the 2016 Readers' Choice winner for Children's and YA Literature. Intrigued? Check out the trailer. When you visit the page with the trailer be sure not to click on the button that tells you not to click on it --dog poop is involved. 

This is Mr. Kelley's second Ladybug nomination: Winter Woes was nominated in 2005.  

This is one of the ten titles nominated for the 2017 Ladybug Picture Book Award.


Jody Stone said...

We would like to be able to show students a picture of the actual Ladybug award. The only picture I can find has a black background. Do you have any others you could post?

Mary Russell said...

Because the Ladybug Award was made of crystal it doesn't show up in pictures without a black background so those are the only pictures there are.