Book of the Week (6/19/2017)

Farm, Food, Life: Photographs + Recipes Inspired by Local Farms by Kimberly Sanders Peck (New Hampshire: s.n., 2013).

Interested in locally grown food and where to find it in the Granite State? Local photographer Kimberly Peck features beautiful images of New Hampshire farmers, their farms, products, and recipes in her book "Farm, Food, Life".
"Growing up in Vermont, I was surrounded by the amazing farms along the Connecticut River Valley. Now, as I make my home in the beautiful Monadnock Region of southern New Hampshire, I am once again surrounded by fertile hills and valleys that have long sustained family-run farms and local agriculture. Over the past few years, with the increasing interest in homegrown food, the Monadnock Region has attracted a new generation of farmers to work its fertile soil.

In 2011, drawing inspiration from my childhood in Vermont and my home in the Monadnock Region, I began photographing local farms to support the growing local food movement and to feed my passion for documentary photography. The goal of my farm series is to use the visual narrative of photography to connect farmers and their communities. I want people to see who is growing their food and to understand the hard work that goes into farming. The resulting photographs compel us to think about the food on our plates, where it came from and who grew it. Every farm has a unique story to tell, and through the photographs, each farm has the opportunity to share theirs. My farm photography continues to evolve into an inspiring and creative exploration of local agriculture. During the past three years, I have documented over thirty farms, with more visits planned this year.

Farm, Food, Life features photographs, farmer profiles, and recipes showcasing local ingredients produced by the featured farms. Along with professional cook & farmer Sarah Heffron of Mayfair Farm, in Harrisville, NH, we have created approachable recipes geared toward all levels of cooks and bakers...how yummy is that?" --Author's blurb

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