Congratulations to the 2016 NH LAL Semi-finalists!

  • Molly Beaupré, Meriden
  • Sarah Savannah Carberry, Somersworth
  • Jordan Cassily, Brookline
  • Kaitlyn Grant, Somersworth
  • Jade Gregg, Milford
  • Lily Krause, North Haverhill
  • Samuel Lappin, Meriden
  • Ashly N. Lavery, Somersworth
  • Belle Leonard, South Hampton
  • Stephanie Lo, Somersworth
  • Andrew Mahoney, South Hampton
  • Jack McGarrahan, Hampstead
  • Ella Murray, Atkinson
  • Julia Noel, Milford
  • Jahnavi Palarapu, Nashua
  • Anthony Perriello, Meriden
  • Liliana Pistor, Brookline
  • Britney Sayegh, Nashua
  • Susanna Serrano, Durham
  • Darby Simmons, Atkinson
  • Emily Sullivan, Milford
  • Elizabeth Woidyla, Hampstead
  • Leah Zamansky, Durham
Please note that in addition to the students listed here, there were 2 more students honored as semi-finalists who had not given us permission to announce their names as of today. New Hampshire's winning letters will be selected from these semi-finalist letters and announced the first week of May. The Center for the Book at the New Hampshire State Library will award $100 to each first place winner. State winners will advance to the national Letters About Literature competition.  If you want to get the latest LAL news, you can subscribe to LAL news email feed at the NH Letters About Literature page.

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