Book of the Week #1

Fumbling in the Light: Poems by Sidney Hall, Jr. (Hobblebush Books, 2008) 
"Sidney Hall patrols his territory—harsh and beautiful coasts, wild mountain places—with a restless energy, a keen eye and an almost unbearable need to reconcile what he loves of our fragile world with what he fears for it and for us. The poems are shot through with anger and sadness. Yet for all their dark urgency, they are illuminated with slant beams of hope as if to surprise each new visitor / who comes to the end of the world. Take these poems and let them pay out like kites on long strings; then reel them in, one by one.”
-- Marie Harris
, Former New Hampshire Poet Laureate
 Two of the poems from this volume were featured on The Writers' Almanac and Sidney Hall's "The Luckiest People in the Pool" was included in our 2009 National Poetry Month project. 

Sidney Hall, Jr. is a poet, publisher, and book reviewer who lives in southern New Hampshire. He is one of the authors who has been included in the NH Writers' Project's list of authors to invite to your book group in 2015.

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