Book of the Week #20

Forgotten Drinks of Colonial New England From Flips and Rattle-Skulls to Switchel and Spruce Beer by Corin Hirsch (The History Press, 2014)

"Colonial New England was awash in ales, beers, wines, cider and spirits. Everyone from teenage farmworkers to our founding fathers imbibed heartily and often. Tipples at breakfast, lunch, teatime and dinner were the norm, and low-alcohol hard cider was sometimes even a part of children’s lives. This burgeoning cocktail culture reflected the New World’s abundance of raw materials: apples, sugar and molasses, wild berries and hops. This plentiful drinking sustained a slew of smoky taverns and inns—watering holes that became vital meeting places and the nexuses of unrest as the Revolution brewed. New England food and drinks writer Corin Hirsch explores the origins and taste of the favorite potations of early Americans and offers some modern-day recipes to revive them today." --Publisher's blurb

There have been a variety of articles recently on this new book from NH writer Corin Hirsch. Read about the book in the Concord Monitor, the Valley News, or check out the YouTube video.

For a more personal introduction to the book head over to The Country Bookseller on Saturday, May 17, 2014 at 5pm for a talk, tasting, and signing with Hirsch. NOTE: Reservations are required for this event. To reserve your space, or for more info, call the Country Bookseller at 603-569-6030.

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