Book of the Week #33

Fishing in New Hampshire: A History by Jack Noon (Warner, NH: Moose Country Press, 2003)

According to Eleanor O'Donnell, writing in a 2004 "New Hampshire Books" column:

"This history of freshwater fishing in New Hampshire extends from the Abenaki Indians fishing for food to the sport fishing of the present day. Chapters focus on the Piscataqua River, Amoskeag Falls, and the Merrimack River, Bellows Falls, and the Connecticut River, and Lake Sunapee, chronicling the abundance of fish when the European settlers arrived to the decline and extinction of many species due to pollution. Noon also writes about the various fish found in these waters through the years. The book is illustrated by color fish chromolithographs created by Sherman F. Denton over a century ago."
Jack Noon was a guest on NHPR's Front Porch just after this book was published.

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