Book of the Week #28

An Electrifying History: Public Service Co. of New Hampshire by Arthur M. Kenison (Manchester, NH: Oak Manor Publishing, 2004)

Arthur Kenison, a professor at St. Anselm College, has crafted a biography of the company that probably, given that most of my readers are in NH, provides the electricity powering the computer you are reading this on. A chronology and bibliography are included.

"The story of electricity consuming New Hampshire is a wonderful study of electricity and a parallel to the manner electricity was marketed throughout most of America. electricity's direct and vital connection to horse drawn
railroads, trolley cars, amusement parks, and resorts will surprise many.

An Electrifying History examines that introduction of electricity to New Hampshire; the builging or the controversial nuclear Seabrook Station; Public Service Company being forced into and then its emergence from bankruptcy; and the regulation and deregulation of electricity. At times, high drama
ensues." [from the cover]

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