NH's Route 1 Read 2016

Route One Reads is a virtual reading trip along Route One. The Center for the Book in each state along Route One was asked to select a mystery novel for adult readers.

We conducted a poll of our blog readers, asking them to select from 6 great NH mysteries and the resounding choice was Blood on Hampton Beach by Jed Power.

Following Route 1 into downtown Portsmouth NH you will come to a a junction NH Route 1A which will lead you into the heart of Hampton Beach. Despite the high body count found in Jed Power's fictional version, Hampton Beach is a beautiful beach and well worth a visit.

A summer resident of Hampton Beach, NH author Jed Power’s latest installment in the Dan Marlowe series has Dan facing death from a cast of crooked beach dwellers as he investigates the murder of Hampton Beach’s premier property owner. A murder the police want to hang on him.

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