Book of the Week #15

Sounding Piquant Verses by Eleanor Vinton (Portland, Me.: Falmouth Publishing House, 1940)

This volume was Eleanor Vinton's first published book of poems. She lived most of her adult life in Concord, NH. Eleanor Vinton was named as the second New Hampshire Poet Laureate in August 1972 by GovernorWalter Peterson who called her on July 25th (her birthday) to notify her of her appointment. She was suggested for the post, which was a life-time appointment at that time, by
Dorothy Kendall, president of the Shakespeare Club. She was honored at a reception at the McDowell Colony on October 22, 1972. The reception was co-hosted by the MacDowell Colony director and Governor and Mrs. Walter Peterson. Miss Vinton had never worked at the colony; much of her writing was done while at camp on the Contoocook River. As Poet Laureate she continued to write poems which appeared in various publications and to do readings for local events.

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