Book of the Week #7

Shaping Our Heritage: Reflections Celebrating Traditional Arts Apprenticeships in New Hampshire: A Publication to Accompany the 2012 Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Gathering, edited by Lynn Martin Graton. (NH State Council on the Arts, 2012)

"Traditional arts form the deep and enduring roots of our cultural life. While they belong to us all, the skills needed to keep them alive, to create them with the greatest proficiency and imbue them with the greatest artistry, are usually mastered by a few individuals, in public trust for us all." (p.7)

This book celebrates the many people in the Granite State who "dedicate their time and resources to teaching and learning our artistic traditions."

Sadly, one of these people died last week: Bob McQuillen. McQuillen was a Contra dance musician and composer and became a National Heritage Fellow in 2002. John Walters included McQuillen in his book Roads Less Travelled.

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