Book of the Week #36

Roads Less Traveled: Visionary New England Lives by John Walters (Concord, NH: Plaidswede Publishing, 2009)

In the course of his work as a writer and radio personality, John Walters has interviewed some of the most extraordinary people in New Hampshire and Vermont. For Roads Less Traveled he has written profiles unconstrained by the the time or word counts imposed by radio shows and magazine articles. As Walters explains in his introduction, "The people I write about are visionaries--not necessarily in the sense of a believer or prophet (although some of them are), but in the simpler sense of having a vision and pursuing it. I am inspired by their example."

John Walters is a writer, editor and radio journalist. He was the creator and host of The Front Porch, an award-winning interview show on New Hampshire Public Radio. He is a former resident of Elkins, N.H., and now lives in East Montpelier, Vt. He is the managing editor of The Bridge, a weekly newspaper, and is the 2009 winner of the Donald M. Murray Outstanding Journalism Award presented by the New Hampshire Writers’ Project.

John Walters has readings scheduled at several local bookstores:

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