Book of the Week #39

A Work of Art for Kindred Spirits: Frank Lloyd Wright's Zimmerman House by Neil Levine, Hetty Startup, Kurt J. Sundstrom (Manchester, NH: Currier Museum of Art, 2004).

"The Isadore J. and Lucille Zimmerman House (1950) was designed by one of the world's greatest modern architects, Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959). Wright designed the house, the interiors, all the furniture, the gardens, and even the mailbox. In 1979 the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Dr. and Mrs. Zimmerman left the property to the Currier Museum of Art in 1988, making it the largest and most unusual object in the collection. In 1990 the house and grounds were opened so that visitors could enjoy glimpses of a private world from the 1950s and 1960s, including the Zimmermans' personal collection of modern art, pottery, and sculpture. In the estimation of many, the Zimmerman House is a total wok of art, and it is the only Wright home open to the public in New England. It is also one of only a few Wright buildings nationwide owned and operated by an art museum." (from the Preface, p. 9)

This book includes numerous pictures of the house at various points in its history and several essays about its signifigance.

The Guild of Volunteers at the Currier Museum of Art will have a book sale on October 5, 2013, from 10 to 5 and October 6 from 11 to 4. There will be all types of used books, with an emphasis on art. Proceeds benefit the Zimmerman House. Admission to the museum not needed. Currier Museum of Art, 150 Ash Street, Manchester, NH.


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