Upcoming Book Events

Thursday, 2/28/2013
  • Henry Homeyer will be at Gibson's to talk about Wobar and the Quest for the Magic Calumet beginning at 4pm (note special school vacation timing).
  • Authors Mary Johnson (An Unquenchable Thirst) and Kristen Ringman (Makara) will be at RiverRun talking about their work at 7pm.

Saturday, 3/2/2013

Monday, 3/4/2013
  • Randy Susan Meyers will be discussing The Comfort of Lies at RiverRun at 7pm.

Tuesday, 3/5/2013
  • Earle Whitcher, author of Judy's Journey will be at RiverRun at 7pm.

Wednesday, 3/6/2013
  • Sean Ferrell, author of Man in the Empty Suit will be at RiverRun at beginning at 5pm.

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