Book of the Week #46

Hashimoto Blues by Sarah Dupeyron (Westmoreland, NH: Sarah Dupeyron, 2011)

This is the first novel from New Hampshire author (and librarian) Sarah Dupeyron.

Ms. Dupeyron will be one of the authors reading at Local Author's Night at Toadstool Bookshop, Keene on November 14. As a newly published author she is doing quite a bit of promotion and the news page of her website has links to a bunch of reviews from book bloggers and some interviews she has done.
"Ellie Fox, quirky pilot, mechanical genius, and drug smuggler, never thinks ahead to the consequences of her actions. When her boyfriend, Max, asks her to “play a Game,” his term for one of his crazy criminal ideas, Ellie agrees and the two of them wind up on the hit list of a Japanese crime lord. On the run for their lives from their disaster in Montreal, the two lovers must find a way to outwit their formidable opponent. Will they live to regret playing such a dangerous Game?" (blurb from author's website)
I am still reading, so I don't know how it all comes together, but I really like the way the novel is set up: you know enough from the first chapter to know what kind of story you are heading into, then it backs off from the crisis at hand to introduce you to the people involved. I thought the set up of the romance between Max and Ellie was especially well told.

"No one ever intends to be a criminal when they grow up. If a five-year-old kid is asked what he wants to be, he'll probably say a fireman or a doctor. I wanted to be an engineer and build robots. I didn't know I wanted to be a criminal until I met Frank." (p. 3)

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