Book of the Week #36

Maxfield Parrish: The Masterworks (3rd ed.) by Alma Gilbert (Berkeley/Toronto: Ten Speed Press, 2001).
Luminous landscapes. Stunning scenery. Courageous colors. All this and more describes the amazing body of work by one of America's most popular artists, Maxfield Parrish. Now in its third edition with updated pricing, ownership, and trends, The Masterworks stands as the authoritative collection of Parrish's best works. Compiled by longtime Parrish expert and curator Alma Gilbert, The Masterworks brings together the most popular, most important, and most fanciful of Parrish's paintings. Here you'll find the glorious Dinkey Bird , the extensive Florentine Fête murals, the amazing Interlude , and the sublime Daybreak . Also included are some of Parrish's lesser-known works, through which we see the development of the artist's style and technique. Through historical analysis, contemporary news clippings, and letters from the artist himself, we get to know Parrish the man, discovering the genius behind the artwork. Updated with all the current Parrish information, this new edition of The Masterworks continues the grand tradition of celebrating Parrish's work, and bringing his oeuvre to the public. (publisher's blurb)
This book-of the-week post is part of a series related to the Cornish Art Colony. The Center for the Book compiled a bibliography on the Cornish Colony in support of the exhibit currently at the NH State Library.

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