Book of the Week #23

The Whisperwood Ordinaire by Linda Kepner (Bennington, NH: Flying Chipmunk Publishing, 2011)
"Chane Pili, a gypsy teenager, becomes the accidental possessor of one of the greatest magical weapons in the desert city of Belestria. His only hope to free himself of this deadly treasure lies with Master Alchemist Doctor Griswald Grimm and his apprentice, Fleet. But someone else knows that Chane is the possessor of this coveted magical item, and deadly strangers begin to appear on the street of dreams. Then Chane's home is attacked by kidnappers, and the alchemist's friends and allies become involved as a deadly firestorm begins. Who is pursuing them? And did the creator of the ordinaire have other deadly secrets, as well? Meet the werewolves, wizards, soldiers, and spies of Bob Liddil's world, as they step out of the pages of "Sorcerer's Apprentice Magazine" and into a deadly contest of magic."  --Publisher's blurb
This book was a wonderful adventure story. The characters were appealing, the battles were exciting, the premise was reasonable (which I sometimes find to be a problem in fantasy novels), and the writing was excellent. The story was originally proposed by the late Bob Liddil.  
Linda T. Kepner lives in Bennington, NH and works at the Peterborough Town Library. She will be signing and discussing her book at Toadstool Bookshop, Peterborough at 11 am on June 23, 2012.  

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Linda is the featured author today at Crimson Romance: http://www.crimsonromance.com/featured/how-second-chance-came-about/