Reader's Resources: NewPages

The NewPages Blog has been publishing since 2006 and it covers "Literary Magazines & Publishing, Alternative Media, Links to Good Reading."  If you are trying to keep up with the comings and goings of literary magazines this is a blog for you. It also includes, among other things, contest announcements and "what I'm reading" posts.

This is a well-written, informative blog. What makes it a standout though, is the website behind it.

NewPages.com bills itself as "the Portal of Independents" and it includes reviews of books and magazines; a magazine stand with recent issues; directories of independent publishers (they are missing the NH ones though), independent booksellers (a good NH list for stores selling new books, a visit to the NHABA site would flesh out their used books listings), book review sources,  literary magazines;  and a tremendous list of internet resources for readers and writers (which didn't include this blog, but seemed otherwise very comprehensive).

If you are interested in books or writing, NewPages has a lot to offer.

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