Book of the Week #35

Warrior of the Three Moons: Book I of The God Wars of Ithir by J. Michael Robertson (Authorhouse, 2010)

J. Michael Robertson is a student of ancient military civilizations and mythology --particularly the Celts and Romans--and a member of the NH Writers' Project, who writes both fantasy fiction and poetry. This is his first novel and it tells the story of CiarĂ¡n, a young highland clansman, who must fulfill a fateful and unwanted destiny: become the mythical Warrior of the Three Moons and lead a desperate search for an ancient weapon hidden in a city lost to the sight of men for three thousand years.

"The Wheel of the year has turned four thousand times since the gods defeated thier brother, the Khem Uru, the Dark God, in the God Wars. A thousand years have passed since the Battle Druid Cuhulain, the last Warrior of the Three Moons, was slain at the Raven Stone. In that desperate time the mythical Sunspear forged in the God Age by the Smith God again reaches out to the world. With his stirring, the Long Night begins to fall over Eirinn, sacred land of the Celtae.

The boy crept stealthily to the edge of the ticket of maple and hemlock lining the riverbank. He cast a quick look up and down the fast moving Eiraen and then scrambled down to the shoal of pebbles below. This trip, with the help of old Angus MacRaibh, a travelling tinker, he had sneaked a sword, bow case, and horn bow out of Sky Stone. By leaving before morn had chimed and hiding in Angus' wagon, he had eluded the young Ainnir who had been shadowing his every waking moment." (p. 1-2)

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