Book of the Week #29

Button Hollow Chronicles #1: The Leaf Peeper Murders by Loni Emmert and P.I. Barrington (Wethersfield, Conn.: Mainly Murder Press, 2010)

Life in idyllic Button Hollow, New Hampshire, is beginning to unravel for Sheriff Jeff Ramsey. A series of suspicious deaths has the elderly members of the volunteer Citizens’ Brigade up in arms, and their zealousness is complicating the Sheriff’s already intricate investigation. His personal life is also threatened when his wife receives a tempting job offer in Boston.

As Jeff attempts to solve Button Hollow’s mysterious crime wave and protect the Citizens’ Brigade members from themselves, he learns that beautiful fall foliage cannot hide the corruption that lies close to home, and protecting his beloved town’s citizens may prove easier than saving his marriage. (publisher's blurb)
I enjoyed this mystery by sisters (and California natives) Lori Emmert and P. I. Barrington. The character of Mrs. Anne Jolie Watson, member of the Citizens' Brigade, was particularly entertaining.


Cynthia said...

Wonderful choice!

StephB said...

I grew up in NH (live in California now, not far from the authors near Los Angeles) and I adored this story. It really captures the rural feel of NH. Mrs. Anne Jolie Watson was especially entertaining. Thumbs up for a great book!