Book of the Week #20

High Spirits: A Bennett-Straker Ghost Hunter Mystery by Mary J. Carter (Seventh House Press, 2007)
"As part of her divorce settlement, forty-something Harley Straker is granted ‘reasonable’ financial support while writing an American history romance novel. Imagine Harley’s surprise when the ‘replacement’ wife writes it first! Imagine also the town’s shock and surprise when an eighteenth century spirit materializes just in time to promote the new Mrs. Straker’s book." (publisher's website)

Author Mary J. Carter (whom you may know from her work at Fiske Free Library) set this tale of a recently divorced aspiring novelist in the fictional town of Newmont, New Hampshire.
"Our hometown of Newmont, with a population around twelve thousand, consisted mostly of working class families. Up in our neck of New Hampshire, people get married young. It's too cold most of the year to even think of doing anything else. The guys who could nail down anything but a spouse after Vo-Tech were now wasting their lives at the library posting phony pictures on internet dating sites and drooling over eligible gals with photos as equally fake as their own. The roster of available men in Newmont is about as appealing as week-old road-kill." (p. 9)

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