Book of the Week #10

Thirteen Women: Inside New Hampshire's Female Majority Senate by Michaeline Della Fera (Spring, TX: L&L Dreamspell, 2010)
"The voters of New Hampshire changed the course of history forever when in November 2009 thirteen women, eleven democrats and two republicans, were elected to steer the state through one of its worst economic crises. Thirteen Women, Inside New Hampshire’s Female Majority gives the reader a rare glance inside Senate chambers. Thirteen Women documents these women Senators’ personal struggles and remarkable abilities to juggle their lives and commitments with the demands of the campaign trail. Thirteen Women further portrays the women’s determination, work ethic and dedication, to not only the constituents of New Hampshire, but to the continuation of the political process, aka women’s style." (back cover)

Michaeline Della Fera will be speaking this week:

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