Book of the Week #50

We Went to War: New Hampshire Remembers by Meg Heckman and Mike Pride. (Concord, NH: Monitor Publishing Company, 2008).

I heard about this book on NHPR recently and thought it sounded like good book to be a book of the week, but then other books presented themselves and I forgot about this one. This morning I got an email from Gibsons Bookstore announcing that the authors would be at the store on December 11 and I remembered that I wanted to feature this book. I love it when bookstores email me so I know what's going on!

There will also be an event with the authors TONIGHT (12/9/08) at 7pm at the Tracy Memorial Library.

In 2007-08, Heckman and Pride interviewed men and women from New Hampshire who remember how World War II transformed—and often threatened—their lives. We Went to War collects their stories with maps and graphics by Monitor artist Charlotte Thibault and portraits by Monitor photojournalist Ken Williams.

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