The NH Book of the Week Project

There are a LOT of interesting books by New Hampshire authors, about New Hampshire, and set in New Hampshire. I come across a lot of these books in the course of both of my jobs (Director of the NH Center for the Book & Librarian, NHAIS Services).

During 2007 I have decided to write about one of these books each week in this blog. The book will be chosen by me based on the totally subjective criteria of what I came across (new or old or in-between) that struck me as interesting that week. The books will all have a Granite State connection of some sort. I am happy to hear from anyone with suggestions of interesting books and expect that the Granite State Readers Recommend project is apt to be a regular source of ideas for me (with credit given to the recommender of course).

I hope that you will find these books of interest as well. I also hope that you will feel free to add comments to the postings telling me (and the readers of this blog) what you think about the books and what other books you are reminded of by what I have said. One of the goals of the NH Center for the Book is to generate discussion about books among NH readers and I hope that this project will start conversations, both real and virtual, about these books.

If you would like to link to the Book of the Week from your blog or website this is the direct link.

As it is already the third week of January I have some catching up to do so watch for several posts by the end of this week.

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