Book of the Week (5/18/2020)

You & Me: Reflections on Becoming Your Dad by Dan Szczesny (Concord, N.H.: Hobblebush Books, 2020).
NH author Dan Szczesny's newest book, "You & Me" consists of fifty brief essays ruminating on the first five years of Uma's life. Dan writes not only of the big moments, like leaving the hospital, first steps, losing teeth, but also of everything in between - strolling downtown on lazy afternoons, dressing paper dolls, and constructing caves from laundry baskets.-- Publisher's blurb
Join Dan for a virtual author event via Zoom webinar hosted by Gibson's Bookstore on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 6 pm EST to discuss his newest book!
From Gibson's Bookstore:

Please note that registration serves only to deter casual zoom-bombers, and does not guarantee a spot if the meeting reaches capacity (100). The software fills the meeting room based on time of arrival, not registration date. A registration link can be found here: 

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