Ladybug Nominee

Inky’s Amazing Escape:
How a Very Smart Octopus Found His Way Home
Author: Sy Montgomery
Illustrator:   Amy Schimler-Safford  
ISBN: 978-1534401914
Publisher: Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books (September 25, 2018)

About Sy Montgomery
Sy Montgomery is a naturalist and author who also calls New Hampshire home. She writes for adults and children. Full of the passion she has for creatures, her books fill your brain and tug at your heart.
Website: http://symontgomery.com/  (be sure to check out the interviews on the “media” tab)

About Amy Schimler-Safford  

Big Ideas: Determination, Science of Octopus

Questions: How is an octopus able to squeeze its body through tiny spaces so easily?
(see Activity: No Bones About It Experiment )

Vocabulary: Morsel, Nook & Cranny, Suckers, Observed, Aquarium, “Squirt Ink”


Companion Titles:

  •  Love Agnes by Irene Latham; illustrated by Thea Baker (Millbrook Press, 2018)
  • Good Thing You’re Not an Octopus by Julie Markes; pictures by Maggie Smith (Harper Collins, 2001)
  • An Octopus is Amazing by Patricia Lauber; illustrated by Holly Keller (Harper Trophy, 1990)
  • Cephalopods: Octopuses, Squids, and their Relatives by Beth Blaxland (Chelsea House, 2003)
  •  The Mermaid by Jan Brett (G.P. Putnams’s Sons, 2017)
    A retelling of the 3 Bears starring octopi

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This is one of ten titles nominated for the 2019 Ladybug Picture Book Award. This info sheet post was created by Deborah Dutcher, Youth and Adult Services Librarian, NHSL and Karen Landsman,  Library Media/Tech Integration Specialist, Hooksett School District.

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