Book of the Week (9/10/18)

The Abridged Field Guide to North American House Creatures by Jaime McGuigan (Troy, NY: TBM Books, 2018).
The Abridged Field Guide to North American House Creatures serves as an introductory guide to a half-hidden world, where the dimensional borders are just a touch more porous. It provides a fully illustrated, in depth look at all available scientific, historical and anecdotal evidence about twenty-five evolutionarily astonishing creatures, commonly known as house creatures. Among these occasionally troublesome creatures are those responsible for hiding your keys, eating your socks or making you forget why you walked into a room.
Not only house creatures populate these pages and you will also meet thirteen of the most influential people to investigate them. Among these researchers are a children’s etiquette writer from the 17th century, a lovelorn and a possibly mad inventor from the late 1800s and an oil company geologist who became a champion of the environmental movement in the 1970s. -- Publisher's blurb.
Meet NH author/illustrator Jaime McGuigan at Toadstool Bookshop in Keene on Saturday, September 15, 2018 at 2:00 pm, where she will present and sign her fantastical book!

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