Book of the Week (3/19/2018)

Write All About It! Gene Sherman : the Making of Los Angeles Times Pulitzer Prize Reporter by Steve Sherman (Hancock, NH : Appledore Books, 2017).

Local author Steve Sherman tells the story of his father's amazing journalism career in "Write All About It".
"Some of us are born straight into the bloom of life. Some know who they are and what they want from the starting block go. Gene Sherman was one of these and this is the story of his inexhaustible passion for journalism, newspaper and ink. Adventuresome and immensely talented, he worked his thirty years with the Los Angeles Times from cub reporter to Pulitzer Prize winner, crime reporter to international roving newsman, war correspondent, atom-bomb watcher, Cityside columnist, submarine-rider, Arctic Ocean fact-finder, Op-Ed page analyst, television host, radio commentator, Los Angeles Times London bureau chief. This dual memoir by Steve Sherman weaves together his father's meteoric career with his own inherited genes for the written word. These are the tales of ace reporter Gene Sherman when the tireless pursuit of the true reigned supreme and fiery newspaper men and women invented the 20th century" --Back cover.

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