Book of the Week (1/1/2018)

The Year of the Turtle by David Carroll (Charlotte, VT: Camden House Publishing, 1991).

NH naturalist, author, and artist David Carroll, is well known for his art and books about turtles. I'm quite fond of turtles myself, so I am currently reading and enjoying David Carroll's first book The Year of the Turtle. The artwork is stunning and I am learning so much about these interesting creatures.
The secret world of freshwater turtles emerges as artist/naturalist David Carroll presents the fascinating life history of these familiar yet mysterious creatures who shared the earth with the dinosaurs and who have endured to spark the curiosity and awe of humankind. Drawing from 40 years of personal study and observations, Mr. Carroll leads us through their yearly cycle and introduces us to the flora and fauna that inhabit the same areas. Journal entries interspersed throughout the text set the stage for our wetland wanderings. -- Book jacket
David Carroll will be visiting MainStreet BookEnds of Warner, NH to discuss his poetry on Sunday, January 14, 2018, from 2 to 3:30 pm. The event description states that he "will present a continuation of last year's reading and discussion of poems and prose-poems written in English and the four languages he pursues: Spanish; Italian; German; and Russian. These brief works are experimental in nature; and foreign language pieces will be followed by English translations. He will discuss his process, a blend of creative writing and language-learning. He will talk about some of his favorite poets from various cultures and periods, and the valuable role that dual language editions of poetry can play in one's learning a foreign language."

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