Book of the Week (3/6/2017)

Tumbling: Poems by Don Kimball (Finishing Line Press, 2016).
With the craftsmanship and keen sensibility of a skilled poet, Don Kimball's newest collection presents vivid snapshots of his native New Hampshire - its landscapes, its quirky (and occasionally obstreperous) inhabitants - while occasionally augmenting them with unexpected forays into other times and cultures. Whether witnessing the way of trees, which will often "sit it out / on a granite rock / and talk" - or observing, at dawn, "a murder / of crows / in the cocklight" - or finding solace in the memory of a ruined barn, with "both ends leaning inward / like folding hands," Kimball again shows himself to be an articulate translator of the natural world, and a perceptive narrator of his personal journey down the decades." -- Marilyn L. Taylor, Wisconsin Poet Laureate, 2009-2010
Don Kimball is the author of three chapbooks, Tumbling (Finishing Line Press 2016), Journal of a Flatlander (Finishing Line Press 2009) and Skipping Stones (Pudding House Publications 2008).  His poems have appeared in The Blue Unicorn, The Lyric, Rattle, and various other journals and anthologies. Don is currently president of the Poetry Society of N.H., and hosts the monthly poetry reading series at Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord, NH.

The Water Street Bookstore will host a reading by Don Kimball and an open mic poetry night on Wednesday, 3/8/2017 at 6:30 pm.

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