Book of the Week (1/16/2017)

Live Free or Ride edited by Elaine Isaak (Concord, NH: Plaidswede, 2016).

Live Free or Ride is the fifth book in Plaidswede’s New Hampshire Pulp Fiction series. This collection of stories features the legacy of the Concord Coach, which was made in Concord, NH.

The Toadstool Bookshop in Keene will host a reading and discussion on Saturday, 1/21/17 at 2 pm from a group of authors of the anthology, including Elaine Isaak writing as Leah Brent, James Isaak, E. Christopher Clark, Kevin Barrett, S. J. Cahill, and Margery Harrison.
NH Pulp Fiction is a series of anthologies of short-form fiction (typically less than 8,000 word per story) that takes the themes, genres, styles and attitudes of the pulp era of magazine and book publishing (i.e. quick and dirty and sensational) and applies them to the locales, myths, people and landmarks of the Granite State. The goal of the series is to produce highly readable and enjoyable books, professionally designed, that provide a platform for a mix of established writers and new voices. We hope to encourage and preserve the short story medium while showcasing New Hampshire as a place where just about anything can and does happen. -- NH Pulp Fiction blog

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